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2 Seater


Green Fee
Tournament Fee
Caddie Fee
Golf Carts (optional)
• 2 Seater
• 4 Seater
Fore Caddies (optional)
Umbrella Girl (optional)
Scorer (optional)

9 Holes
Php 800.00
Php 1,700.00

Php 1,500.00
Php 2,700.00

Php 400.00

Php 300.00

Php 1,350.00
Php 20,000.00
Php 450.00

Php 800.00
Php 1,000.00
Php 450.00
Php 450.00
Php 250.00

18 Holes
Php 1,350.00
Php 2,950.00

Php 2,650.00
Php 4,950.00

Php 800.00

Php 400.00



• Reservations must be made three (3) days in advance.

• Cancellations must be made a day in advance. Otherwise the member will be charged a "No-Show" fee of Php 1,500.00 for weekday and Php 3,000.00 for weekends and holidays.

• The One-Member-Per-Flight rule is strictly enforced.

• Flights without members will be charged the prevailing unaccompanied rate.

• Flights must be in the starter houses ten (10) minutes before their tee times.

• Flights late for their tee time will be relegated to the last slot/vacant slot in the tee time schedule.

• Flights without tee time reservations must wait for a vacant slot in the tee time schedule.

• Fivesome (5) is not allowed during weekends and holidays.


Appropriate golfing attire should be worn at all times (metal spikes, jeans maong), cut-off shorts, tennis shorts, collarless shirts, sleeveless shirts are not allowed on the golf course.) Men's shirts shall have collars. Eastridge Golf Club is a "Soft Spike" only golf club. Please notify your guest of this policy.




Membership Fee - P 350,000.00 (Filipinos)
Membership Fee - P 450,000.00 (Foreign)
Monthly Dues - P 3,360 (Inclusive of VAT)

Benefits : Membership extended to immediate family, children below 25 year old.
*Free use of swimming pool
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Royal Northwoods Golf Club
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Sherwood Hills Golf Club
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Thunderbird Poro Point

*30% discount at Thunderbird Resorts - Rizal

EASTRIDGE RATES - Thunderbird Resort Room Accomodation

FOR PLAYING RIGHTS (Renewable Yearly)
Membership Fee - P 11,200.00 (Filipinos Inclusive of VAT)
Monthly Dues - P 3,920.00 (inclusive of VAT)
...................... - P 168,000.00 (Foreign inclusive VAT/ Monthly dues and other ass.)

Benefits : Membership extended to spouse only
*Free use of swimming pool (spouse ony; dependents/ guest Php200/ head)
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Royal Northwoods Golf Club
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Sherwood Hills Golf Club
*50% discount on GREEN FEE at Thunderbird Poro Point



For Tee-Time booking please call: 651-2275 local 101 / 0917-533-9428

Reservation form must be completed and signed by the Sponsoring Member not later than fifteen (15) days before the date of the event. Tournaments can be served on a Monday provided it does not fall on a holiday and has a minimum number of 100 paying guests. SHOTGUN tournaments should have also a minimum of 100 paying participants. In case the tournament day is declared a holiday, the Club has the right to cancel the event.

Php 20,000 deposit is needded upon reservation. Settlement of accounts must be paid in cash or check immediately after the tournament. The sponsoring member will be held liable for any damages to property within the golf course.
Disclaimer: Please note that in the event that the tournament does not reach the number written in the guaranteed number of paying guest, the difference between the actual number of participants and the guaranteed number will be charged to the organizer. Cancellation of tournaments should be done at least a month before the reservation date to be able to get a refund of the deposit.